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Sarcastic Quotes, Thoughts, Sayings, Remarks

Collection of rude, sarcastic, offensive, inappropriate, cynical, vulgar, demotivational… and sometimes funny quotes, thoughts, sayings, remarks from unknown and known authors for those who hate inspirational-motivational quotes and sayings.

Rusafu Quotes & Sayings

Motivational quotes suck

Have you ever felt annoyed by inspirational-motivational life coaching quotes and sayings? All these motivational quotes make me want to do is let out a long, sad sigh. They are so useless and counterproductive. I personally hate them.

If you’re thinking like me, you’re bored to death with inspirational quotes and people who share them every day on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… Every social media you can think of is flooded with inspirational quotes, which have nothing to do with reality. Seeing them also on office walls can be especially annoying.

I get that you want motivation but find another way because they won’t change you at all.

Of course, let’s not say that trying to motivate people is bad, but sometimes acknowledging that “life is not a fairy tale and if you lose your shoe at midnight you’re drunk” can be more useful in life than motivational quotes.

Sarcastic quotes are better

Sarcastic quotes and thoughts will genuinely make you change the way you see your life. That is why I am collecting rude, sarcastic, funny, vulgar, offensive, insulting, inappropriate, cynical, demotivational… quotes, thoughts, sayings and remarks from all over the Internet. They won’t inspire you but they’re funny to read and give sense of reality. All of us who keep it real and honest understand that life is rude, sarcastic, ridiculous and sometimes bloody hilarious, and instead of becoming bitter, we sometimes can just laugh about it.

So get in for a good dose of sarcasm and reality.

WARNING! Lots of swearing